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Mental Health & Impairment Resources

Mental Health

Prioritizing and addressing your mental health both in the workplace and at home is the right thing to do – not just for yourself but for your family, friends and co-workers.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with mental health – you’re not alone. Mental health issues and substance use disorders affect one in five Canadians (or over 6.7 million nationwide) and is a leading cause of disability in this country preventing nearly 500,000 employed Canadians from attending work each week.

Below you will find a list of mental health support links and downloadable resources to help forestry workers access mental health information.

If you are experiencing an immediate mental health crisis,  call 911 or head to your nearest emergency department.

Mental Health Resource Links

Access mental health resources and information from these websites.

BC Mental Health and Substance Use Support – list of BC organizations supporting mental health
MindHealthBC – online directory of BC Mental Health resources and support services.
Heads Up Guys – online resource that supports men in their fight against depression
Canadian Mental Health Association – advocacy, programs & resources to help with mental health and recovery support
Here to Help – Information to help you manage your mental health and substance use
COVID-19 Mental Health Support – BC Centre for Disease Control 

Crisis Intervention and Counselling Services

If you need help, contact one of these confidential support services.

KUU-US Crisis Response Service – crisis support for Indigenous peoples in BC
Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre – confidential, free emotional support service
Crisis Services Canada
Find a BC Clinical Counsellor
Find a BC Psychologist

Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace

Impairment from substance use can cause physical and behavioural changes that affect people’s ability to work safely, putting them or co-workers at risk of injury.

Visit these websites to access self-assessment tools, information and resources to help you.

Alcohol Consumption Screening Test
Cannabis Use Screening Test
Overcoming Alcohol Use Disorder
Overcoming Drug Use Disorder
Addiction Services Directory (Canada)

Employer Resources:

Video: How to Implement a Workplace Alcohol and Drug Program

Scroll down to access these downloadable resources:

  • BCFSC Health Awareness Resources on Mental Health and Alcohol Use
  • WorkSafeBC Guides on Managing Workplace Impairment 
  • BCMSA’s COVID-19 Psychological Support Toolkit  

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