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Dangerous Tree Resources

 A dangerous tree is any tree (regardless of its size) that is hazardous to people or facilities because of:

– location or lean

– physical damage

– overhead hazards

– deterioration of limbs, stem or root system

– a combination of the above


Managing dangerous trees to ensure the safety of workers is a common part of forestry operations. See below for additional information and resources to help.

  1. Introduction to Dangerous Trees on Forestry Worksites Training – This free online course provides the basics on dangerous trees and is valuable for tree planters or anyone new to forestry.
  2. Wildlife Dangerous Tree Assessor Certificate Program – UNBC offers a training program that meets the requirements of the OHSR for the proper assessment of wildlife and dangerous trees. 
  3. Wildlife Tree Committee Publications – Links to many resources that will help you assess and manage sites with dangerous trees. 
  4. Occupational Health and Safety Regulation Part 26 – The regulation that outlines the requirements related to dangerous trees.
  5. Danger Tree Assessment– An excellent video from SAFER that shows many dangerous tree indicators.

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