Mechanized Harvesting

This program of courses has been developed by industry experts and contain the foundational knowledge specifically for dedicated courses developed specifically for Feller Buncher Operators, Skidder Operators, Processor Operators, Hydraulic Log Loader Operators, Forwarder Operator and Hoe Chucker Operators.  Also available with the program, are two optional courses that offer additional knowledge that compliment the required courses.

Note: To become competent in this occupation, there are additional on-the-job training and assessments required - click here for more information.

Learning Outcomes

Completion of required courses:

  • 1090 – Harvesting Methods
  • 1081 – Tools and Equipment for Heavy Machinery
  • 1082 – Heavy Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Procedures
  • 1083 – Heavy Equipment Mechanical Systems
  • 1138 – Winch Assist

Duration & Delivery

This program of courses will take approximately 4.5 hours for the required courses and 1 hour for each optional course. This is an online program of courses with self-paced, flexible 24/7 access and the expectation of participants completing the course within six months of enrollment.


No cost – free online training.


Click on the online training link in this section to access the Learning Centre.  Search the Course name in the Self-Enroll course list, click on course name, click on Self-enrollment (Student) to enroll.    If you don’t already have a username and password, click on the Create New Account button on the Learning Centre log in screen to self-register.               

Online Training