Wood Products Manufacturing Supervisor Training Program

This free, online training program was developed by BCFSC and the Manufacturing Advisory Group (MAG).

Six courses will be offered to help train supervisors in the sawmill and wood pellet manufacturing sectors. 

Currently Available

  • Orientations, Training and Skill Development
  • Hazard Identification, Inspections and Incident Investigation
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership and Professionalism

Coming Soon

  • Cornerstones of Supervision
  • Due Diligence

Each of the six courses has specific learning outcomes.

Orientation, Training and Skills Development:

  • Explain the requirements to provide orientations for new workers, returning workers, young workers and others
  • Describe the requirements for training
  • Assess and document a worker's competencies

Hazard Identification, Inspection and Investigation:

  • Identify hazards, assess risks and determine controls
  • Explain the process of inspections and worker assessments
  • Explain the importance of reporting incidents and close calls
  • Describe reporting and investigation requirements

Effective Communication:

  • Practice verbal communication
  • Write effective emails and letters
  • Conduct useful meetings

Leadership and Professionalism:

  • Capitalize on personal strengths and weaknesses (Personal Awareness)
  • Identify skills and roles of leaders (Leadership skills)
  • Describe professional qualities (Professionalism)
  • Describe key human resources functions (Team building and worker relations) 

These are online courses with self-paced, flexible 24/7 access.

Orientation, Training and Skills Development Duration: 1 hour

Hazard Identification, Inspection and Investigation Duration: 1.5 hours 

Communication Duration: 1 hour

Leadership and Professionalism Duration: 1.5 hours

No charge.

Access the Online Learning Centre.

If you don't already have a username and password, click on the Create New Account button on the Learning Centre log in screen to self register.

“Thank you to the BC Forest Safety Council for offering the Wood Product Manufacturing Supervisor Training online course. It is a great way to learn and/or to freshen up your knowledge without having travelling to a far-off place. 

J. Kamp, Health and Safety Supervisor at J.H. Huscroft Ltd., Creston, BC