Fatigue Management

Fatigue plays a significant role in road safety. Drivers must be able to react quickly, stay focused and make the right decisions to safely operate a vehicle. Fatigue levels can significantly impact these abilities increasing the risk of motor vehicle incidents (MVIs).

What is your organization’s current fatigue management status?

Use this online tool to help you conduct a quick assessment to understand your company’s current state of fatigue management.

Assessment Steps

  1. Calculate your organization’s score
  2. Decide if you need increased controls for your fatigue management strategies

Download the Quick Assessment of Existing Fatigue Controls

Log Haulers are a high-risk group for fatigue-related MVI's. When drivers are fatigued, their reaction times are decreased and they are less likely to notice risks.

Use these Fatigue Resources to help you assess your fatigue level and manage your fatigue on the job and off.

Log truck drivers, the BCFSC and the forest industry are concerned fatigue is impacting safety. Industry including drivers, contractors and licensees have engaged in multiple studies to evaluate the risk and identify controls that reduce the risk of fatigue as a contributing factor in MVIs.

Industry Research

Canadian Research and Reports

Global Research

  • Fatigue Science – Fatigue experts in risk management and human performance optimization
  • Clinton Marquardt – Sleep and fatigue specialist
  • Seeing Machines – A technology that uses eye-tracking technology to observe driver attention in real time.