Construction Initiated Slides Working Group (CISWG)

Slides initiated by road construction can be very serious and while there have been no fatalities to date, these events have considerable human, environmental and operational costs. Despite the efforts of different individuals and organizations, construction initiated landslides have been a persistent issue on the coast.

The Construction Initiated Slides Working Group (CISWG) was formed in late 2014 with the goal of eliminating slides initiated by road construction. The CISWG is a sub working group of the Coastal Harvesting Advisory Group (CHAG), the CISWG brings industry, government and practitioners into one united group focused on eliminating construction initiated slides.

Objectives and Approach

The group plans to develop initiatives and support actions that improve the safety performance and health of workers involved in resource road construction activities. By applying their leadership, expertise and influence the CISWG will aid in the execution of initiatives and make recommendations that drive practical solutions and support the development of industry best practices.

The group will focus on:

  • Engagement of workers and resource professionals
  • Education and awareness
  • New ways to identify sensitive zones and safely build roads
  • Options for monitoring and enforcement of road construction standards

The outcomes will be shared across the industry to create a more uniformed application of road construction methods and standards.


  • Del Ferguson, PGeo; Aztec Geoscience
  • Gino Fournier, RPF, Peng; Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development (MFLNRO)
  • Clayton Gillies, RPF, RPBio; FPInnovations
  • Tom Jackson, RFT; MFLNRO
  • Mike McCulley, RFT; BC Timber Sales
  • Bill Schulte, Interfor
  • Mark Ponting, Ponting Logging
  • Dustin Meierhofer, Director, Transportation and Northern Safety, BCFSC Staff Support


Road construction initiated slides awareness presentations have been developed to raise awareness and aid in the elimination of construction initiated slides.

For road construction personnel, workers and supervisors:

For professionals involved in road construction activities (planning, design, supervision, deactivation/reactivation):


Training Guide





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