Communicable Disease Prevention

BC Vaccine Card System and the BCFSC

On September 13, 2021 the new vaccine card system will require proof of at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine in order to enter restaurants, movies, ticketed sporting events and many other non-essential venues and applies to all people born in 2009 or earlier (12+).

Learn more about the BCFSC and the BC Vaccine Card System requirements.

BC is now in Step 3 of the BC Restart Plan. Employers can now shift away from COVID-19 Safety Plans and develop communicable disease plans.

The BCFSC will continue to work with WorkSafeBC and follow the PHO recommendations to provide guidance and support to our members.

BCFSC Message to Members

Transitioning From COVID-19 Safety Plans

Beginning with BC's Restart Plan - Step 3 indicates employers will no longer be required to maintain a COVID-19 Safety Plan and will instead transition to communicable disease prevention.

Read the PHO statement to employers on transitioning from COVID-19 Safety Plans to communicable disease prevention

PHO Statement to Employers

What is Communicable Disease Prevention?

A communicable disease is an illness caused by an infectious agent or its toxic product that can be transmitted in a workplace from person to person.

Examples of communicable diseases that may circulate in a workplace include COVID-19, norovirus and seasonal influenza.

Risk Reduction Measures

Ongoing risk reduction measures include:

  • Have policies to support staff who have symptoms of a communicable disease, so they can avoid being at the workplace when sick
  • Promoting hand hygiene at work
  • Maintaining a clean work environment
  • Ventilate buildings effectively
  • Support employees in receiving vaccinations as far as possible

Read more about communicable disease prevention on the WorkSafeBC website or access WorkSafeBC's OHS Guideline G-P2-21 Communicable disease prevention

What Employers Need to Do

Employers should develop a communicable disease prevention plan as described in the WorkSafe BC restart plan and guidance.

BCFSC has developed a sample template of a Communicable Disease Prevention Plan. This plan can be adapted to suit the needs of your organization.

Access the Employer Resources and WorkSafeBC links to help you adapt your health and safety plans for communicable disease prevention.

If you are unsure of which information you need to support your organization, the BCFSC is here to help. We have Safety Advisors all over BC who can help you put your plans into action.

Contact us with your questions.