This course will help prepare you to do workplace training using BC Forest Safety's assessment and training materials. Training materials (online and printed) have been developed for specific yarding, harvesting, road building and other forestry occupations.

Trainers are experienced and/or certified in the area they are training or assessing. They are role models within their industry. They lead by best practice and demonstrate leadership qualities

Note: Employers should use on-the-job training and assessments along with the online training to ensure a worker is competent for this occupation. Click here for more information.

Learning Outcomes

Completion of Trainer Knowledge Units that includes content from the following units:

  • 1062 - Instructional Attributes and Techniques
  • 1063 - Planning Training Logistics
  • 1064 - Develop, Implement and Modify Lesson Plans
  • 1065 - Facilitating Group Training
  • 1066 - Fundamentals of Coaching

 Duration & Delivery

Allow approximately 4 hours to complete. This is an online course with self-paced, flexible 24/7 access and the expectation of participants completing the course within six months of enrollment.


No cost – free online training.


There are 2 steps to enrollment:

  1. Create or login to your BCFSC Learning Centre Account
  2. Enroll in the course

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