Close Call Alert – Heat Illness

Safety Alert Type: Other
Location: Avalon Dryland Sort
Date of Incident / Close Call: 2008-07-11
Company Name: C.N. Danroth Contracting Ltd.
Details of Incident / Close Call
  • It had been a very hot day.
  • A young Scaler had been feeling dizzy with an upset stomach.
  • He had informed two of the other Scalers that he was feeling sick.
  • He told them that he would try and tape one more row.
  • Half way through the row of logs a near by bucker who was the sort FAA noticed he did not look good.
  • The FAA immediately realized that the worker was suffering from heat illness and got him off the sort and attempted to cool him down.
  • The FAA and Sort Supervisor took the Scaler to a Medical Clinic that was 15 minutes away; the worker was delirious.
  • The patient was then transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital where he was treated for heat stroke and released later that day.
  • Ensure all workers know how to recognize symptoms of heat illness in themselves and others and know what to do if it occurs.
  • Ensure all workers know how to protect themselves from heat illness.
  • Tailgate workers about the topic when the weather begins to get hot.
  • Create bulletins to have available to workers to caution them about heat illness.
  • Supervisors to ensure workers have adequate breaks, time out of the sun if needed and plenty of water.

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