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Wildlife Awareness

On-the-job wildlife sightings is one of the most enjoyable aspects of working in the woods. However, proper education and safe work practices are critical to ensure your safety and maintain a healthy, human-averse population of wildlife.


Bear Safety

The following is a guide designed to help you and your employees avoid conflicts with bears while in the field and know the proper response to a bear encounter. There is information to help you identify bear signs and species, avoid surprise encounters, manage interactions and minimize the threat of a problem bear.

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Resource Download

  • Bear Safety Training Program Resources

    Tool used to enhance bear safety training, assist in developing a bear aware training program, internal safety memos and provide an educational component for crews.

  • Bear Spray vs. Bullets: Which offers better protection?

    A US Fish and Wildlife Service Fact Sheet

  • Bear Safety - Get Bear Smart for Tree Planters

    Pamphlet on bear safety for tree planters by the Get Bear Smart Society