These programs were created by Dr. Delia Roberts and are based on over 30 years of research conducted with workers in the forests and mills and on the highways of British Columbia.

The program consists of a core manual that includes nutrition, hydration and fitness information plus menus, recipes, exercises and motivational strategies. Additional resources include pamphlets, posters and Tips booklets.

Use these resources to lower injury and incident rates, improve employee well-being and decrease absenteeism and turnover.

Benefits include:

  • Improved alertness and faster reaction times
  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduced muscle and joint pain; restore lost function from previous injuries
  • Improved work performance; do a better job and make fewer mistakes
  • Improved overall health; lower blood pressure and sugars, improve sleep quality, enhance immune system, reduce depression and anxiety.

Explore the following sections to access information:

Fit To Log: Resources for Manual Tree Fallers & Field Workers

Falling, bucking and other very physically demanding jobs in forestry require extreme vigilance. The program has been shown to improve concentration, alertness and decision-making. It will provide you with nutrition, hydration, fitness and movement strategies to keep yourself “Fit to Log”. There are also resources included for workers with desk jobs.  Download resources listed below.

Power Driving: Resources for Truck Drivers & Equipment Operators

Being fit to drive and operate equipment means living, eating and driving well, a difficult task given the long hours. The Fit to Drive program was tested by drivers across Canada, and with equipment operators in BC. By following the dietary recommendations, drivers improved their reaction time and shortened stopping distance a whopping 40 feet at 90 km/h. Explore the resources and use nutrition and fitness to lower your risk of an injury or accident. Download resources listed below.

Fit To Plant: Resources for Tree Planters & Silviculture Workers

Planters who followed the Fit to Plant program planted 12.5% more trees and had a 40% lower chance of getting hurt than planters who did not use the program. Take advantage of the planting-specific fitness and nutrition program that will keep you in the game for your best season ever. Download resources listed below. Fit to Plant Video

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