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COVID-19 Resources – Worksite Safety

Scroll down to access downloadable resources for COVID-19 health assessments and management techniques.

BCFSC does not imply or express any guarantee or compliance for your particular company situation.

DisclaimerBCFSC documents and resources have been developed for industry as guidelines and reference documents for employers and employees to use to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. BCFSC developed documents will contain COVID-19 information relevant at the time the document was created. As information is updated regularly, the BCFSC encourages workers and employers to visit the BC Centre for Disease Control for personal health inquiries or visit WorkSafeBC for regulatory information relating to workplace safety.


Resource Types

Resource Download

  • Self-monitoring, Self-isolation and Isolation

    A guide to knowing the difference between self-monitoring, self-isolation and isolation for COVID-19.

  • COVID-19 Symptoms and Self-Assessment Tool

    Check to see if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19

  • Workstation Hygiene Best Practices

    Guide to help keep your workstations clean and prevent the transmission of spreadable illnesses.

  • Surface Cleaning and Disinfecting

    Guide to COVID-19 enhanced surface cleaning and disinfecting.