Describe Safe Decision Making in a Forestry Workplace

Workers in the forestry industry sometimes work in high pressure situations that can become dangerous. How we react to stressful situations can impact the outcome. Through awareness and practice, you can improve your ability to remain calm and focused which will help you with sound decision making. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Different parts and functions of the brain
  • How the brain reacts in different environments and different threat levels
  • How we can influence our decision making
  • How attitudes can affect decisions and the outcome of stressful situations
  • Methods of solving problems or dealing with hazardous situations safely & effectively

Duration & Delivery

Approximately 1 hour. This is an online course with self-paced, flexible 24/7 access and the expectation of participants completing the course within six months of enrollment.


No cost – free online training.


There are 2 steps to enrollment:

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  2. Enroll in the course

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