List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

2008-11-18 Loaded Logging Truck Slides Into DitchCoyote Transport Ltd.
2008-11-26 Loaded Logging Truck Attemps To Back Down HillCoyote Transport Ltd.
2008-12-05 Log Goes Through Hoe Decking Unit's WindowCoyote Transport Ltd.
2008-12-11 Chain Causes SprainCoyote Transport Ltd.
2008-11-26 Employee Struck by TwisterCanfor Vavenby
2009-01-09 Guyline Strikes FaceCanfor Vavenby
2009-01-19 Driver Rolls On Soft ShoulderIsland Timberland
2008-12-05 Crewcab Hits DitchLTN Contracting
2008-10-31 Seasonal Road Use ReminderLTN Contracting Ltd.
2009-01-12 LTN Hazard Alert Road Use Training
2009-02-12 Slip On Ice Results In Torn MusclesHIGH RISK HOLDINGS LTD
2009-04-06 Falling Rock Strikes Vehicle
2009-02-19 Runaway Log Crashes Into SkidLong Shot Holdings Ltd
2009-04-13 Timber Evaluators Encounter Bear TracksKAZ Contracting ltd.
2008-01-01 Spotter dies due to being hit by a grapple when working blindWorkSafeBC
2009-04-17 Pickup MVILong Shot Holdings Ltd.
2009-04-01 Preventing slips and fallsEarth First Logging Ltd
2008-11-17 Logging truck rolls on sideCoyote Transport Ltd.
2008-11-30 Respiratory Distress related to Mold Inhalation
2009-03-05 Tow Line Breaks Sends Trailer Over BankCross Creek Logging Ltd.
2009-02-17 Driver Struck By Log DebrisWestLine Harvesting
2009-02-18 Operator Gets Wrapper in the Eye
2009-02-13 Close Call Due to Radio MiscommunicationsDNT Contracting Ltd.
2009-02-06 Oil Spill Causes SlipDNT Contracting Ltd.
2009-01-06 False Road Surface Causes Truck to Hit DitchWestLine Harvesting
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