List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

2009-06-01 Babbit Splattered Hitting Employee's Face ShieldWestern Forest Products
RADAR Make it personal - Safety PostersWestern Forest Products
2009-04-14 Worker twists knee
2009-05-27 ATV Close CallNorth Aspect Contracting Ltd.
2009-03-01 Worker fractures heel jumping from ladderAll Wood Fibre Ltd.
June 2009 - Forest Fire PreparednessAlert of the Month June 2009 BC Forest Safety Council
2009-04-14 Worker Encounters Bear - Safety Bulletin # CA2009424-1West Fraser Mills 100 Mile Lumber
2009-05-13 Planter on top of vehicle when driving Rhino Reforestation Services Inc.
2009-03-12 Low Bed slides on iceDNT Contracting Ltd.
2009-01-31 Snowmobile Eye Injury Ainsworth Lumber
2008-06-03 ATV Loading
2009-05-20 LandingsFurey Contracting
2008-10-22 Build-up of combustable material results in machine fireNazko Logging Ltd.
2009-05-07 Ticks and Lyme diseaseInternational Wood Products - Grand Forks Woods Division
2009-04-01 Wheel falls off service truckGalena Contractors Ltd.
2009-05-06 Improper lifting results in dislocated shoulderSeneca Enterprises Ltd.
2009-05-05 Be aware of heli-pad condition
2009-04-03 Cyclist verbally assaults crew
2009-05-04 Operator Fatality Unloading Barge
2009-01-15 Trailer Brakes Malfuntion Results in RolloverWeyerhaeuser Company Ltd.
2009-01-30 Worker dies when struck by boardWorkSafeBC
2009-01-29 Stored Energy Hazard AlertWestern Forest Products
2006-05-01 Falling Limb Strikes WorkerTimberWest
2009-01-09 Reach Lock InspectionRoga Contracting Ltd.
2008-10-14 Battery ExplodesWestern Forest Products
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