List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

Jackpot releases hazardous snag on tree fallerChatter Creek Holdings Ltd.
Beware of collapsing bush roads in SpringtimeGorman Bros Lumber Ltd.
Close Call: Block the wheels before changing a flat tire!Gemini Services Ltd.
Don't reach for objects while the truck is moving - Pull over first!Tom Neufeld Trucking Ltd.
May 2011 - Bears: Our Unpredictable Co-Workers in the BushBC Forest Safety Council
Safety Alert - FATALITY - Faller struck while bucking windfallIsland Pacific Logging
Field crew startled by charging bear on the run from hunting dogsSebben Forestry
Inspection and maintenance needed to uncover failed weld on truckStones Bay Holdings Ltd.
Snagged cinch line on log load results in cedar striking driverRoga Contracting Ltd.
Close Call: Black bear charges, frightens forestry crewSebben Forestry
Excavator slides off sub-grade, saturated soil suspected causeGoodspeed Roadworks Ltd.
Protect your vision! Co-worker receives welding flash injuryMcCabe Holdings Ltd.
Close Call: Slash burn creates hidden danger on resource roadNootka Reforestation Ltd.
Close Call: Keep manual hubs locked on snowy and steep roadsNootka Reforestation
Close Call/Serious Incident - Keep aware of other traffic on resource roadsDavid and Doerksen Contracting Ltd.
April 2011 - Alert at the Wheel BC Forest Safety Council
Close Call/Serious Incident: Beware of dangers hidden under the snowSchiller Contracting Ltd.
Close Call/Serious Incident: Be Bear Aware in Grizzly CountryDownie Timber Ltd. / Treadstone Forestry Consultants Ltd.
Close Call/Serious Incident: Be careful where you park in the snow!Grassy Creek Logging
Close Call/Serious Incident: Branch strikes Faller’s eyeNorth Coast Standing Stem Ltd.
Close Call: Log truck driver jumps to safety in a snowbankCanfor
Close Call/Serious Incident: Hauling in winter conditionsDownie Timber Ltd.
Overhead Hazard: Falling IciclesVanagrove Forest Contracting
Hazard Alert: Filer cuts back of hand on chain grinding wheelWestern Forest Products
Close Call: Faller's leg pinnedWestcoast Falling Ltd.
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