List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

With lockers still engaged, log truck leaves roadway and tumbles down steep bankInterfor - Adams Lake Division
Chainsaws cut even when they're not running!North Coast Standing Stem Ltd.
Mechanic nearly struck by runaway logging truckWestern Forest Products
Slip and fall on dock results in fractured ankleWestern Forest Products
Incomplete cuts: A hazard from stump to dumpTimberWest Forest Company
Alert: Check tripping stake cable bells for defects!Horovatin Enterprises Ltd.
Delayed microphone keying and calling order results in confusion on resource roadsGorman Bros.
FATALITY Alert - 2012-03-05 - Faller Central CoastBC Forest Safety Council
Beetle kill Pine: Assess the risk at your work siteCanfor
Close Call: Icy ground can bring you downCanfor
Axe vs Hatchet: Make the right choice for safetyCanfor
Foggy logging roads can be a dangerous place!Canfor
Unstable footing results in fractured ankle, surgeryStrategic Group
Plow truck encounters problems on snowy gravel roadTolko Industries Ltd.
Beware of black ice: it’s not exclusive to paved roadsBaseline Archaeological Services Ltd.
Hand faller struck by portions of Hemlock snagWestern Forest Products Inc.
Rebar culvert markers are a deep snow hazardGorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
Log truck driver injured while not using 3-point stanceLTN Contracting Ltd.
FATALITY - Safety Alert 2012-02-21 Loader OperatorBC Forest Safety Council
Close Call: Worker struck in head by log cinch handleWestline Harvesting Ltd.
Logs slide off truck several times in winter conditionsReitmeier Transport
February 2012 - Tree WellsBC Forest Safety Council
Avoid slips and falls from equipment: Use the three point contact approachGeorgia Forest Products Ltd.
Stay alert while working around heavy equipmentMcElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.
FATALITY - Safety Alert 2012-01-16 FallerBC Forest Safety Council
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