List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

Worker's hand pinned between bridge log and excavator bucketNootka Sound Timber Co. Ltd.
Powerline at dryland sort struck during equipment moveWestern Forest Products Inc.
Close Call: Contract buckerman pinched between logsWestern Forest Products Inc.
Close Call: Horseplay creates an overhead hazard Interfor (Adams Lake Lumber Division)
Unprepared for winter conditions on resource roadsInterfor - Grand Forks Division
Two-way radio contact can change throughout the day!Schiller Contracting Ltd.
Hazard Alert: Log truck’s air brakes freeze upExeter Contracting Ltd.
Log truck tips onto side as road edge blends into ditchAndy Meints Contracting Ltd.
ADVISORY: Logging roads near Princeton, BC experiencing high traffic volume!Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd.
Fertilizer causes adverse reactions for tree plantersBC Timber Sales - Strait of Georgia Business Area
Close Call: Cedar tree falls over without warningW.D. Moore Log Co. Ltd.
December 2012 - Lowbedding and Log HaulingBC Forest Safety Council
Hazard Alert: Bridge decks freeze up quickly!Cabin Forestry Services
Hazard Alert: Rock slide traps crew from return tripChartwell Consultants Ltd.
Rolling tire hits mechanic in shop, injures his legNootka Sound Timber Co. Ltd.
Close Call: Hooktender struck by logWestern Forest Products Inc.
Hazard Alert: Check log trucks for rocks and debris before travelling on public roads!TimberWest
Log truck kicks up rock, hits windshield of other truckInterfor - Adams Lake Division
Close Call: Log truck suspension airbag explodes while in the shopWestern Forest Products Inc.
Close Call: Slope failure leaves machine leaningDownie Timber Ltd. - Woodlands Division
Close call: Worker comes face-to-face with GrizzlySpectrum Forestry Consulting Ltd.
Loaded limb causes kick back; Faller suffers cutsFedje and Gunderson Contractors Limited
Safety Alert - Fatality - Rock hit the driver of oncoming pickup truck - Lake CowichanBC Forest Safety Council
Pick-up impaled after rear-ending log truckIsley Group of Companies
Close Call / Serious Incident: Cougar encounterAtlas Information Management
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