List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

Rolling tire hits mechanic in shop, injures his legNootka Sound Timber Co. Ltd.
Close Call: Hooktender struck by logWestern Forest Products Inc.
Hazard Alert: Check log trucks for rocks and debris before travelling on public roads!TimberWest
Log truck kicks up rock, hits windshield of other truckInterfor - Adams Lake Division
Close Call: Log truck suspension airbag explodes while in the shopWestern Forest Products Inc.
Close Call: Slope failure leaves machine leaningDownie Timber Ltd. - Woodlands Division
Close call: Worker comes face-to-face with GrizzlySpectrum Forestry Consulting Ltd.
Loaded limb causes kick back; Faller suffers cutsFedje and Gunderson Contractors Limited
Safety Alert - Fatality - Rock hit the driver of oncoming pickup truck - Lake CowichanBC Forest Safety Council
Pick-up impaled after rear-ending log truckIsley Group of Companies
Close Call / Serious Incident: Cougar encounterAtlas Information Management
Close Call: Be aware of slippery bridge decksDownie Timber Ltd. (Woodlands Division)
FATALITY - Safety Alert 2012-10-16 - Excavator Operator - PembertonBC Forest Safety Council
Combustible dust winter alert - increased risk in winterBC Forest Safety Council
Gear Reducer Hazard AlertBC Forest Safety Council
Old wood box culverts require machine cautionSkeena Sawmills
CLOSE CALL: Stake cable worn out on log truckNakusp Logging Co. Ltd.
Near miss: Burn piles self-ignite, putting workers at riskCanfor
Log truck tips into ditch after contact with road edgeNootka Sound Timber
Timber Cruiser escapes charging black bearMontane Forest Consultants Ltd.
Hooktender struck by chaser's sawWestern Forest Products Inc.
September 2012 - Hunting Season is hereBC Forest Safety Council
FATALITY - Safety Alert - 2012-09-13 - Rigger - Bella CoolaBC Forest Safety Council
Serious Incident: Log truck struck by the sweep of another log truck making a right turnCridland Logging Ltd.
Serious incident: ATV operator suffers laceration to legRhino Reforestation Inc.
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