Tree Planter Danger Tree Awareness Training

This free interactive online training course is available to help tree planters recognize danger trees, and better understand what to do when working near potential danger trees in their work areas.

This course was developed by Timber Trek Consulting Ltd. and shared with the planting community by Blue Collar Silviculture.

NOTE: This course does not count towards Danger Tree Assessment certification or qualification. Available in English only.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize common features of danger trees.
  • Understand what conditions may lead to trees becoming dangerous.
  • Understand what to do when conditions change.
  • Understand what to do when you encounter a danger tree in your work area.

Duration & Delivery

Approximately 1 hour. This is an online course with self-paced, flexible 24/7 access.


This online training is free.


Click here to access the web-based version of training.

Note: Tracking and a certificate of completion are not currently available for this course.