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Emergency Response Planning (ERPs)

Emergency Response Planning (ERP) means having the right information, training and equipment to respond safely when an injury or other unexpected event occurs. The following resources will help you prepare and allow you and your staff to respond effectively and safely in the event of an emergency at work and home.

ERP Planning Videos

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Resource Download

  • WorkSafeBC - 12 Tips for an Effective Emergency Response Plan

    This document will help in you create an ERP.

    Keep these ERP tips in mind to help you and your crew be better prepared for any emergency situation.

  • WorkSafeBC - How to Prepare an ERP for your Small Business

    This document will help small businesses employers develop ERPs that will meet the specific needs.

  • Guideline to Creating an ERP

    This guideline outlines the five elements to help build your ERP.

  • SAFE Template: ERP Planning

    These procedures address the emergency response for injuries or fatalities on a work site, and forest fires, erosion events and spills.

  • Emergency Response Planning for Home

    Use this guide to create an emergency plan at home. These basic steps will help you take care of yourself and your loved ones during an emergency.