Resource Road Driver Internal Training


The BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) and its industry partners have collaborated to support companies in delivering comprehensive resource road driver training to their workers using the BCFSC Resource Road Driver Program materials to develop internal training capacity and expertise

Applications to access and use the Resource Road Driver Program materials for internal training will be reviewed by BCFSC and approval will be granted to companies that can show the following:

  • Internal capacity of potential trainers
  • Ability to meet program outcomes, including supporting the training requirements of trainers
  • SAFE Certification

Once approved, companies will enter into a Service Agreement with the BCFSC.

The Service Agreement requires companies to:

  • Identify a training administrator
  • Use Trainers that have completed the Resource Road Driver Internal Training course and have been deemed qualified by the company.
  • Provide brief reports on number of participants trained and feedback regarding opportunities for improvement on program materials and processes if requested.
  • Provide additional information to BCFSC regarding training policies, equipment and facilities if requested
  • Cooperate with BCFSC in performing Quality Assurance if requested
  • Report any Trainers that cease to become qualified to deliver the training

Program Materials

BCFSC will provide the current digital versions of the Resource Road Program Materials including:

  • Instructor Manual
  • Student Manual
  • Record of Completion templates for the two courses which include the BCFSC logo.

Other supplemental materials as available

Approved companies are eligible to send their trainers to the Resource Road Driver Internal Trainer (RRDIT) course. This three-day, “train-the-trainer” course provides company trainers with the skills and knowledge to teach the one-day Resource Road Safety Training - Internal and the more comprehensive two-day Resource Road Driver Training - Internal. Participants will work in the field with experienced instructors to refine their skills. Internal trainers successfully completing this course is one of the requirements for companies to be able to use the Resource Road Driver Materials.

Course Content

  • BCFSC “Trainer” online training
  • 3-day RRDIT field training and assessment


Prior to attending the internal trainer course, participants must:

  • have taken the BCFSC Resource Road Driver Knowledge Unit within the past 12 months. This can be done concurrently with the RRDIT program if necessary;
  • have successfully completed either the Resource Road Safety Training (RRST) or Resource Road Driver Training (RRDT) delivered by an approved provider;
  • have demonstrated prior experience as a trainer or instructor (other internal training is acceptable); and
  • have five (5) or more years experience driving on resource roads in British Columbia.

Participants who successfully complete both the online learning resources and the 3-day RRDIT field training will receive:

  • Record of Completion for online “Trainer” training
  • RRDIT Participant Assessment – this assessment will identify if there are any areas that the trainer needs to focus on or gaps that they need to address. A copy of this assessment will also be provided to the trainer’s company.
  • Record of Completion – Resource Road Driver Internal Training

Resource Road Driver Internal Trainers will not be eligible to instruct RRST or RRDT outside of their current employers’ operations.

Additional Information

  • Participants will need to bring a valid driver's licence,  copy of their current driver's abstract and vehicle insurance.
  • Participants or companies need to provide their own vehicles and trailers, ideally those that will be used in the workplace.
  • Participants spend the majority of the course outdoors and behind the wheel.
  • Group size requirements:
    • Minimum three (3) participants.
    • Instructor to participant ratio is 1:3.
  • Lunch is not provided.

Who can take this course?

This course is offered to approved training service providers by Overland Training Canada, on behalf of BCFSC.

Maintaining approval to use the Resource Road Driver Program (TBC) 

Annual moderator sessions will be scheduled to support Resource Road Driver Internal Trainers in maintaining currency with the program and continual improvement of the program. BCFSC will coordinate moderator sessions with the approved companies. Additionally, Resource Road Driver Internal Trainers are required to complete a one-day refresher training session every three years (provided by a BCFSC approved Trainer).

Resource Road Driver Internal Trainers who do not meet the maintenance requirements will no longer be eligible to teach the BCFSC Resource Road internal courses.


For more information, contact our Transportation and Northern Safety Program at 1-877-741-1060 or email at