Professional Industry Driver Training & Log Truck Driver Endorsement

The Professional Industry Driver Training and Professional Log Truck Driver Endorsement Program

Since 2017, subject matter experts and industry safety working group members from the Log Truck Technical Advisory Group (LTTAC), log hauling contractors and training institutions have helped guide and shape the content of this program with a key objective to improve safety performance and recognize professionalism in log hauling.

The program provides flexibility for drivers to meet competency outcomes with these recommended best practices:

  • new drivers who have taken an appropriate training program that utilizes the program learning resources and incorporates a mentor program,
  • experienced commercial drivers new to log hauling who have reviewed the online learning resources and participated in a mentor program and;
  • experienced log truck drivers.

To learn more, download the Professional Industry Driver Training And Professional Log Truck Driver Endorsement or the Log Truck Driver Brochure.

Additional program documents are also available: