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COR program

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The COR program is a WorkSafeSBC (WSBC) program designed to offer incentives to employers who create and adhere to health and safety management systems aimed at improving workplace safety and helping injured workers return to work in a safe and timely way.

COR incentive payments and eligibility

The COR incentive payment is issued annually by WSBC to eligible employers. In order to receive a COR incentive payment, an employer must:

The COR incentive payment, paid by WSBC usually in June of the year after the audit, is automatically calculated using an employer’s assessable payroll and the base rate for the certified classification unit(s) for the audit and incentive year. For additional COR information visit:

BCFSC provides WSBC with the COR recommendation and will advise the employer if they have been recommended for COR. The employer does not need to take any further action in order to receive the COR incentive payment for their submission once they have been recommended to WSBC.

WorkSafeBC’s governing body, the Board of Directors (BoD), approved the release of a policy discussion paper and draft policies to stakeholders for comment. Through Town Hall feedback and SAFE Companies Advisory Committee input, the BCFSC has provided input to WorkSafeBC’s proposed new Certificate of Recognition (COR) Policy so that we can ensure that WorkSafeBC receives the best feedback to help shape final policy and regulation. Click here for COR feedback from industry.

Eligible auditors

For purposes of submissions and COR, an “auditor” is the permanent employee or owner of the company that completes training and submits audits.

COR eligible auditors

For COR eligible audits, the auditor must do all of the following:

If an auditor does not meet all of the above requirements on time, they become ineligible.

In order to regain eligibility, the auditor must start the process over with the full initial OHS auditor training.

SAFE eligible audits

For SAFE eligible audits that are not COR eligible, the auditor must do each of the following:

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