Maintaining SAFE Certification

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Annual Audit Submission

A company must submit an audit every year to stay SAFE.

The audit is due no later than the end of the half-year of the company's anniversary date.

Half-year-end date is based on a company's certification expiry anniversary date. If a company certified April 1 (and therefore has an expiry date of April 1, 3 years later), the audit is ideally due April 1 every year, but cannot be later than June 30th (or SAFE certification is lost). If a company has a certification / expiry anniversary date in the second half of the year, such as October 31, then the annual audit submision cannot be later than December 31st. 

To avoid a lapse in certification, recertification audits must be submitted before the SAFE certification expiry date.

Recertification and maintenance audits use the same form as the certification audit, but using records covering the time period (the last 12 months) since the previous audit.

If the company size has changed since the last audit, the company may need to perform a new audit using the new form appropriate for the new company size. Performing the audit using the old audit tool may not be sufficient to maintain SAFE certification. Please contact our office prior to your next audit if the company has any change in auditor, size, ownership, business activities, name, WorkSafeBC account or classification(s), or other information.

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