TimberWest Oyster River Div. Cutblock WL155
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This incident occurred at the end of a shift, in the dark, with rain and misty conditions. Worker was leaning in to the rear seat of a crew cab with the rear driver side door open. A second worker was backing another vehicle past to get to a turnout when the rear of his vehicle brushed the worker standing on the ground and struck the rear door. There was no injury to the worker but the vehicle damage to both driver’s side doors was significant. The difference of a few centimeters could have resulted in serious injury.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

Always park vehicles in a position to leave the worksite with minimal maneuvering required. Industry Recognized Practice is to park with the vehicle facing the direction of the exit to remove the necessity for backing and maneuvering when in an emergency or visibility may be compromised.

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Lorne Bendickson 250-830-1019 or email lornebendickson@benlog.ca

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