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On September 7, 2007 a mechanic was attempting to service the brakes on one rear wheel of a logging truck. The tractor was hooked up to the trailer, with the tractor brakes released and the trailer brakes applied. The rear axle of the tractor was being jacked up. The tractor unit rolled slightly (shop floor slope and play in the fifth wheel), causing the jack to tilt and become unstable. The mechanic noticed the jack movement, lowered the jack, blocked the front wheels with chock blocks and re-jacked the rear axle. Fortunately no damage or injuries occurred.
This incident could have resulted in injury had the mechanic not noticed the tilting jack, and the jack kicked out on the mechanic.

-Failure to follow Procedure/Policy/Practice (worker did not chock / block wheels prior to repair).
-Inadequate assessment of needs, risks and/or hazards (worker relied on trailer brakes to restrain tractor and did not recognize the potential hazard of the shop floor slope and fifth wheel play on the stability of the jack).

Learnings and Suggestions: 

-Chock / Block wheels on all vehicles and mobile equipment prior to repairs.
-Follow established Procedures.

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