225 km on the Lakeland 200 Rd.
Date of Incident / Close Call: 
Company Name: 
Canfor Woodlands
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

On Friday November 2, 2007 at approximately 6:10 pm, a Canfor PG Woodlands staff member rolled his pickup truck at 225 km on the Lakeland 200 Rd. Thankfully due to the employee wearing his seatbelt, no injuries resulted from the truck rollover. The employee involved in the incident has an excellent driving record, with no previous accidents on the logging roads. He is also one of PG Woodlands most experienced logging road drivers.

Details of Incident:
The employee had the pickup in four-wheel drive due to the road conditions and was driving at approximately 60 km/hr. Employee entered a corner on the logging road and estimates he entered the corner between 50 and 60K/hr, the pickup then started to drift across the road. Employee let off the gas to let the pickup coast around the corner, this is when the back of the pickup started to kick out. Being in four wheel drive, the employee tried to add some gas to correct the slide. The front tire on the passenger side caught the snow and caused the rear of the truck to come completely around. Vehicle went over the shoulder of the road and into the ditch backwards and sideways to the original direction of travel. The drivers side tires sunk into the soft ground and pickup went over the bank (the ditch was approximately 1.5 – 2m below the road grade) and then rolled over completely and then ended back onto its tires. The tires on the pick up truck were brand new, but tires were not studded. Employee was traveling at the posted speed limit for the logging road.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

The Prince George Woodlands Safety Committee would like to share some key learnings/messages from this incident with the goal to prevent a reoccurrence of similar incident in the future:
1.All employees must continually assess road and weather conditions and adjust their speed of travel. Key winter hazards to be aware of are: freezing rain, heavy snow, slippery compacted roads, narrow roads, high snowbanks, blowing snow, etc. Employees need to adjust their speeds when adverse weather and road conditions exist, this may necessitate traveling at slower than posted speed limits.
2.All employees should immediately check their tires to ensure adequate for travel on winter logging roads. Employees who spend a considerable amount of time driving on logging roads should consider the use of studded tires to improve traction and stopping ability.
3.During extreme adverse road conditions, all employees need to assess the necessity to be on the logging roads that day. Employees are encouraged to postpone or reschedule activities until adverse road conditions are addressed by road maintenance equipment.
4.All employees need to continue to wear seatbelts at all times. This incident clearly reinforces why they need to be worn at all times. Seatbelts save lives and prevent serious injuries from occurring.

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