Close Call/Serious Incident

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Log Sorting
Ferguson Bay Dryland Sort, Queen Charlotte Islands
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A boom boat operator was removing loose logs from the “bull pen” after a manual boom cutoff. His boat was pulled in tight under the spillway facing away from the sort. He could hear a stacker approaching the spillway above him with a bundle of logs, and realized that the stacker operator was going to drop the bundle down the spillway. He began waving up to the machine, but was out of the stacker operator’s line of sight, and the bundle was dropped, narrowly missing the boom boat and operator. The boom boat operator promptly left the area.
The boom boat operator had called the sort charge hand when first conducting the boom cutoff, meaning that he would be in the “bull pen” (or area of water directly under the spillways) and this was conveyed to the stacker operators. They stayed clear of the area, and did not push any bundles over the spillways. However, when the boom boat operator returned to the bull pen to sort out some loose logs, there was a breakdown in communications in that it was assumed by one or more of the stacker operators that the boom boat was clear of the area. The sort crew had returned to production as usual. Because of lower tide conditions, the boom boat was not visible to the stacker operator.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

• Maintain clear communications between the boom boat operator and sort crew at all times
• Boom Boat operator should always notify the charge hand when he is entering or leaving the bullpen
• When the boom boat is in the bull pen area, stacker operators MUST ASSUME that if they cannot see the boat that it is directly under the spillways, and DO NOT push bundles into the water until its location is verified.

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