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Salmon River ML Bridge (White River), Sayward
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Worker attempted to lift a steel guardrail post in order to carry it to the bridge deck for installation. He realized it was too heavy and placed it back down, hitting his right knee in the process. If he continued to carry the guardrail post, he could have easily hurt his lower back.


Learnings and Suggestions: 

As noted in Surespan Construction’s Safe Work Practices & Safe Job Procedures Manual – Manual
Handling & Lifting:
• Do no attempt to lift or move objects that are obviously too heavy or bulky for one person to life or which require getting into an awkward position. Ask for help from a co-worker.
• Employees should be aware of their physical limitations and the approximate weight of the materials to avoid injury.
• Pipes, conduit, rebar and other conductive materials should not be carried out on the shoulder near exposed electrical equipment or conductors.
• Be aware of hazardous and unsafe conditions prior to lifting (i.e. slipping and tripping hazards).
• The use of powered equipment and lifting devices (i.e. forklift) should be considered and employed
when practical.
• Ensure you have a firm grip on the object before lifting it, ensure your hands and body are in the clear.
• Watch out for slivers, nails, and sharp ends when handling objects. If possible, these should be
removed from the object.
• Ensure you have a clear view of your route when carrying materials.
• When lifting:
o Keep your back as upright as possible;
o Avoid reaching out;
o Use leg muscles instead of back or stomach muscles; and,
o Avoid twisting motions.

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