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Weyerhaeuser / BC Forestlands
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Several incidents have occurred across BC Forestlands in 2006 resulting in injuries to workers.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

Some key learning’s are:

Avoiding Slips and Trips
• Wear footwear with good traction, especially in slippery winter conditions.
• Ensure there are stable surfaces to walk on if you are getting on equipment. Design and install improvements to lessen the risk of getting hurt (ie steps, non-slip surfaces).
• Use 3 point contact when getting in/ out and on/off anything (ie vehicles, equipment, walking over blowdown).

Know your limits
• Stretch after long periods of inactivity before undertaking a strenuous task.
• Be aware of your bodies limits, especially if you are at a higher risk of injury . Are the procedures suited to your abilities? (ie do you have a history of back problems? Are you getting less agile and flexible?).
• Think an activity through before you act.

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