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The coastal forestry industry is now largely shut down as a result of a labour dispute between employers and the USW-IWA Council. Although safety has been raised as an issue during bargaining, this dispute is between the employers and the Union.
The Council respects the collective bargaining process. Council representatives will not be taking any stand on the labour dispute of the relative merits of either side’s position.
For the duration of the dispute, the Council will be making a number of changes to its operations. For those workers and companies involved with training and SAFE Company certification with the BC Forest Safety Council, this note provides you with some basic information about training and certification activities during the dispute.

SAFE Company Registration, Certification and Licencee/Owner timelines
•The BC Forest Safety Council will continue to accept and process any SAFE Companies registrations and completed audits received.
•If you are a large employer with an external audit scheduled, and you will be unable to carry out the audit due to work disruption, you need to contact your External Auditor and arrange for an extension.
•If you are an employer and the labour dispute will delay your program development or audit activities, your timeline will be automatically extended during the course of the labour dispute.
•If you have submitted your audit and the Council has asked you for additional information that is not available during the labour dispute, your file will be put on ‘hold’ until activities recommence.
•The BC Forest Safety Council does not set any timelines for SAFE Certification laid out by licencees or owners but we will communicate our position. You would be wise to check with those owners and licencees that you work with to ascertain their position.

Training Courses Run by the BC Forest Safety Council
•Some of the Council’s courses involve activities on active forestry sites. We will not be carrying out any activities (training, evaluations, etc.) on sites affected by the labour dispute. If alternative sites are not available, courses will be modified accordingly.
•We encourage everyone who has signed up for training to attend their planned session.
If you feel the dispute makes it impossible for you to attend your scheduled training, please cancel as far in advance as possible.

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