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Log Hauling
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Two of our Logging Contractors trucker’s had a Near Miss recently. The incident involved one loaded truck and one empty truck. The driver of the loaded truck had been outside his truck at the stamp hammer location checking his load & wrappers, and marking the load. This took only a few minutes to do. When he got back into his truck he continued on his way calling his location and direction, as he pulled out and resumed his trip. Immediately thereafter he unexpectedly met an oncoming empty logging truck.

Both drivers were able to take action to avoid a collision.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

1.Review the “Rules of the Road” so all drivers using logging roads are familiar with the requirements for driving and radio use.
2.In this case the driver did call his location, but did not wait to understand if there was any oncoming traffic. Before he resumed his trip he needed to call his location and enquire if any traffic was nearby.

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