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Log Hauling
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A loaded log truck was traveling on Highway 16 through the Village of Burns Lake when it became involved in an incident with a car. Fortunately there were no serious injuries to either driver but damage was sustained to both vehicles.

The driver of the log truck, observing traffic congestion at the intersection of Highway 16 and Highway 35, had already slowed to below the speed limit. When he saw the car attempt to cross the highway, the driver of the log truck applied his brakes only to have his trailer slide. The log truck driver tried to slow his truck and trailer while at the same time keeping his rig straight. The driver of the car continued her attempt and impacted the log truck in the area of the drivers’ side front tire.

Winter road conditions are in effect and drivers should be prepared for anything but can only be held responsible for their own actions. Other drivers need to be made aware of the distance it takes for a loaded log truck to stop safely.

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