Driver outside cab struck by log during loading of his truck

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Yarding and Loading
BC Interior region
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Details of Incident / Close Call: 

A truck driver was making his way back to the truck cab after having just finished setting up the airlines. At this moment the loaderman swung the boom with a grapple full of logs while assuming the driver was inside the truck.

During the swing a 10” diameter log slipped out of the grapple and struck the driver. This resulted in lost time as the driver sustained serious injuries that included swollen foot & ankle, cracked ribs, and hematoma (severe bruising) in lower back.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

Potential Hazards - The trucker was exposed to falling objects and moving equipment due to:

  • Not following safe loading procedures
  • Poor communication
  • Moving equipment despite not having visual contact with bystanders (i.e., trucker).
  • Complacency and rushing since it was the last load of the day.

Preventative Actions - The contractor has taken the following actions to prevent recurrence:

  • Every driver & loaderman has been informed that loading can only occur if the driver is now inside the cab
  • Drivers must notify loadermen by radio whenever they leave & re-enter the cab.

These procedures will be company policy going forward and will be reviewed with drivers & loadermen before every season. The incident & root cause will be reviewed with the OH&S Committee and with all drivers at their safety meeting to reinforce the importance of following these procedures.

For more information on this submitted alert: 

Tyson von den Steinen, Canadian Forest Products Ltd (250) 962-3229 Tyson.vondenSteinen@canfor.com


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