Roadside gunfire an emerging threat to forestry workers, recreation seekers

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Resource roads throughout the province of British Columbia
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Western Silvicultural Contractors' Association
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Reckless target shooting is a growing threat to forestry workers around the Province. The fear is it’s only a matter of time before a worker gets caught in the crossfire.

In the Fraser Valley specifically, contractors report it is such a hazard that foresters have cancelled silviculture projects for fear workers will get shot by indiscriminate roadside shooters.

Planters have learned it’s best to stay home on the weekends when gun owners arrive in greater numbers on forest service roads and cut-blocks and begin firing.

Besides shooting trees and signs, irresponsible gun owners often bring old household appliances and furniture to set up as targets.

They leave the roadside covered in spent shells on dozens of sites throughout the working forests in the area.

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The BC SAFE Silviculture Program (www.wsca.ca) has committed to sorting out the authorities involved and in the hope of proposing measures to keep workers safe.

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The Western Silvicultural Contractors’ Association: www.wsca.ca  

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