Changes to the Workers Compensation Act (Bill 9) effective May 14, 2015

All forestry companies should be aware of the following changes to the Workers Compensation Act:
www.worksafebc.com Bill 9

Some of the changes are effective immediately and some come into effect in September 2015, while occupational health and safety citations for employers are expected to be introduced in early 2016.

Four changes are now in effect (as at May 14, 2015):

WorkSafeBC has provided the following three summaries on the key changes to the Workers Compensation Act:

Other WorkSafeBC resources available on these topics include:

If you are not sure of what this new regulation means, please contact WorkSafeBC toll-free within BC at 1-888-621-7233 or 604-276-3100 in the lower mainland, or email ssquery@worksafebc.com

You may also call the BC Forest Safety Council at toll-free 1-877-741-1060 and ask to speak to a safety advisor, or email safeco@bcforestsafe.org.

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