Phase Congestion

Phase Congestion was identified by industry as a safety concern in 2013. The term “phase congestion” means a situation where different logging phases – such as planning, falling, road construction, production or blasting, etc. -- become bunched up or congested, with an increased risk of negatively affecting the productivity and safety of each phase, putting workers at higher risk of an upset or incident.

With the leadership and support of the Coast Harvesting Advisory Group (CHAG), working groups spent many months analyzing and identifying the root causes of phase congestion and how best to manage it. To help prime contractors, licensees, contractors and supervisors be aware of Phase Congestion and how to manage it if it occurs, CHAG produced the following materials for broad industry use. They are intended to help ensure every worker goes home safe at the end of the day.

A section on Phase Congestion has also been added to the SAFE Companies audit requirements.


Additional information

CEO Darshan Sihota talks about Phase Congestion at VISC in October 2014.

More Information

Email CHAG at if you have any questions or feedback on the CHAG materials.

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