Resource Road Light Truck Driver Training

The BC Forest Safety Council, in partnership with the Western Forestry Contractors’ Association, is pleased to offer training that covers the safe operation of light trucks on public roads and more specifically on resource roads in British Columbia.

Goals & Objectives
The prime purpose of this course is to help the driver be fully responsible as a driver on resource roads:

Course Content
This training addresses both physical skills and the human factors that affect performance. Content includes:

Two days. Participants spend the majority of the course at a field site and behind the wheel. Group size is limited to 6 participants per trainer. Additional trainers can be added for groups of a larger number.

Lunches are not provided.

Courses by Request
If your organization is interested in hosting a session, please contact the trainers directly:

Joanne Younker (Lead Trainer, Administrator at Sidorov Advanced Driver Training)
Phone: 604-966-4269 or email:  

Alan Sidorov (Director, Chief Trainer at Sidorov Advanced Driver Training)
Phone: 604-905-0146 or email:  

What do I need to bring with me?
Participants or companies need to provide their own vehicles, ideally those that will be used in the workplace. If trailer towing is a regular part of the driver’s duties, contact the trainer and it may be possible to include trailer training in the regular course. The participant will have to provide a trailer if one is needed and must have their own vehicle insurance.

NOTE: Participants must also bring their valid driver's licence and copy of their current driver's abstract.

Email Joanne Younker at or call (604) 966-4269.

More Information
Resource Road Light Truck Driver Training Overview

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