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It’s no news that fuel prices have gone through the roof. That’s creating all sorts of problems for people. Don’t add being caught with an empty tank - it can put your safety at risk.

What’s Happening

As fuel prices have hit historic highs, two things are happening:

First, some people are buying “just enough” to get them through the day, or through the job. That’s a good idea…except when something unexpected happens and “just enough” turns into “not quite enough”.

Second, fuel thieves are showing up in all sorts of places:

  • At overnight truck stops;
  • At long-term parking lots;
  • At work sites where equipment is parked;
  • In the forest, where logging and other equipment sits unattended overnight or over weekends;
  • In work yards where there’s an above-ground fuel storage tank and almost anywhere else there’s a tank and an opportunity to tap into it.

It’s bad enough to lose tens or hundreds of dollars of fuel, not to mention the time it takes to get new supplies in. Even worse is the possibility of your vehicles running dry in the middle of the day, when you don’t have any way to get help.

Learnings and Suggestions: 
  • Take sensible precautions to prevent fuel theft:
  • Get a locking gas cap, or other locking system;
  • Secure your yard fuel supplies
  • Fill up in the morning before work, rather than the night before.
  • Pay attention to fuel on your pre-trip or pre-work inspections. Look at the gauge or measure the tank levels.
  • Don’t leave temptation for thieves. Properly store and secure extra fuel supplies on site or with your vehicle.
  • If you’re taking a “just enough” approach to filling your tank, leave a margin of error for unexpected delays or other requirements. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Make sure you’re using your man-check system, in case your best laid plans don’t
  • work out and you end up somewhere without fuel.

Finally, if you have an experience with fuel theft, report it to your local police. They won’t know there’s a problem if no one tells them, and once they know there is a problem they can take action.


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