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A logging contractor has recently brought forth the following safety alert for log haulers and loader operators when unloading and hooking up log truck trailers.

When the loader is operating from the “blind position” (with the boom blocking the view of the truck and trailer) the truck driver is at risk of being struck by the trailer as the loader is positioning it for hook up. This position also forces the loader operator to be operating their equipment from an awkward position increasing the risk of an unplanned movement of the machine.

The cause of this situation is due to the lifting strap being positioned close to the rear axles where the strap is needed for lifting the trailer off of the truck. One solution is to install a second strap closer to the end of the reach (near the compensator) as shown in the pictures that follow.

If the loading area (being relatively flat) and/or the trailer brake system allows (trailer brakes can be set on) the loader may release the trailer, after unloading it from the truck, and grab a lifting strap positioned closer to the slide along the reach. This will allow the loader to have a better view of the truck driver while hooking up the trailer.

If the trailer brakes cannot be set and the loading area is too sloped to release the trailer, the loader can position itself (if possible) closer to the rear of the trailer to give itself a better view of the truck driver’s position.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

The loader operator and the truck driver both have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the truck driver while hooking up the trailer for loading.

  1. Have a secondary lifting strap installed on the reach closer to the slide to allow the loader operator a better view of the truck driver while operating with the boom restricting the view of the truck and trailer.
  2. If the landing and/or trailer do not permit (too steep/no trailer brakes), or a secondary strap is not installed, position the loader towards the rear of the trailer to give the loader operator a better view of the truck driver while hooking up the trailer.
  3. If possible, always have the loader operator unload and position the trailer for hook up from the truck driver’s side of the truck. This will give the loader operator the best view of the truck driver.


For more information on this submitted alert: 

Peter Forbes, RPF
Logging Supervisor
(250) 295-4294

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