ADVISORY: Logging roads near Princeton, BC experiencing high traffic volume!

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Log Hauling
Whipsaw Forest Service Road - Princeton, BC area
Date of Incident / Close Call: 
Company Name: 
Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd.
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

Whipsaw FSR – Heavy Industrial Use Protocol

Over the next six to eight weeks the Whipsaw FSR will peak out at 85 to 100 loads per day. To help reduce the risk, the following procedures are to be used by all road users:

1. When travelling West on Hwy. 3 have your radio on the Whipsaw road channel (Weyco Truck to Truck – Frequency 154.340). You will then know if anyone is near the bottom and will not have to ask ”is anyone close” when starting up at 0km.

2. Before leaving the Highway your radio call will simply be “Whipsaw 0km Up” If your vehicle is a Lowbed or Hayrack, you’ll need to identify yourself as such. From Zero to 2km the only safe turnouts are at 0.5km. and 2km.

3. The heaviest use section of the Whipsaw will be from 0 to 2.5km as Aspen Planers (Jaeden) will be hauling down the Lamont FSR. There will be additional KM markers installed at 0.7km, 1.2km and 1.7km. These will be posted at locations where there are safe turnouts. DO NOT USE LOCAL NAMES as reference points (ie. Bentley, Napweed, Gulch).

4. To help reduce the amount of radio usage, while travelling on the Whipsaw FSR to 15.5km, you’ll need only to call “ up/down 5km”(using posted km signs).

5. Keep all radio communications to safe road use only. If you need to discuss any other work related activities, safely pull off the road and use another channel or phone to conduct your business.

6. Convoy Calling: a) The lead vehicle is responsible for calling the location and number of vehicles in the convoy. b) It is the responsibility of the vehicle joining or leaving the convoy to inform and receive confirmation from the lead vehicle. c) Convoys can be no more than 1km long d) A vehicle more than 1km behind the lead vehicle is no longer part of that convoy and must call their own position.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

Please remember you are using a public road, there may be traffic that is not radio controlled. DO NOT RELY on radio for the location of all traffic.

For more information on this submitted alert: 

For more information: Cory Yurkowski Roads Supervisor Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd. 250 295-4232

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