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This major amendment to the health and safety regulation for forestry is focused on reducing the high number of serious injuries and fatalities in the sector.

The regulation was reorganized, and major changes were made, relating to:

  1. Prime Contractor: Making the requirement for having a qualified prime contractor on multi-employer sites clearer and more detailed (section 26.1.1);
  2. Planning: Stepping up the requirements related to “planning and conducting” (section 26.2);
  3. Equipment Operations: Introducing specific requirements identifying hazards and safe work areas around equipment (section 26.14.1);
  4. Manual Falling and Bucking: Making the requirement to have a qualified supervisor for hand fallers more specific and detailed (section 26.22.1);
  5. Hauling: Logbook requirements for log haulers (section 26.71.2), and changes regarding climbing on bunks and trailers.

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