WorkSafeBC issues first round of COR incentive payments in May

June 12, 2012

Please be advised that WorkSafeBC issued the first round of Certificate of Recognition (COR) incentive payments in mid-May to companies who met all the eligibility criteria for COR 2011. The incentive payment is calculated using an employer’s assessable payroll for 2011 and the classification unit base rate for the incentive year (10% incentive for OHS COR, and an additional 5% incentive for Injury Management COR).

If your company was anticipating a 2011 COR and you have not received a cheque yet, it could be because your company did not meet all the requirements to be recommended or was delayed in processing due to end-of-year audit submission. Please refer to your 2011 audit results letter from the Council. Another reason is if your company had any eligibility issues, late reporting of 2011 payroll or was not in good standing with WorkSafeBC. In this context, “good standing” refers to the employer’s status with WorkSafeBC and is determined by several things, including correct registration, up-to-date premiums and no administrative penalties.

WorkSafeBC will issue subsequent COR incentive payments in June, Sept, and December 2012.

If you have a question about COR payments, please contact Laurel Laturnus, SAFE Companies Registrar at 1-877-741-1060 or Safeco@bcforestsafe.org


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