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Safety Alert Type: 
Southern Interior
Date of Incident / Close Call: 
Company Name: 
Galena Contractors Ltd.
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

An employee was performing his work as a driller’s helper, and he was walking across a muddy area getting reading to light a safety fuse to initiate a blast. There was approximately six inches of mud on the ground – the driller’s helper’s boot got stuck while the helper was walking, and he fell to the ground. When he fell, his right hand struck a rock and the rock cut his hand open.

The worker received on site first aid – the wound was cleaned and bandaged. The worker then returned to work.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

Workers must ensure the placement of their feet is determined before they move their feet.

They must also ensure they are knowledgeable of where on the ground their feet will be while moving.

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2008-01-01 Fall Results In Cut On Hand.pdf
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