SAFE Training Requirements Notice - 2011-08-23

Please ensure that you read the following important information regarding your eligibility for WorkSafeBC Certification of Recognition (COR) rebates in 2012.

The WorkSafeBC (WSBC) Certificate of Recognition (COR) Standards and Guidelines requires both large and small company auditors to maintain the quality and currency of their skills and knowledge to be eligible for WSBC COR rebates.

This requirement not only applies to the traditional external large company (BASE) auditor, but also considers every person who submits a BASE, SEBASE, ISEBASE or IOO audit to be an auditor. To satisfy this requirement, WSBC requires both internal and external auditors to:

Beginning in October, the BC Forest Safety Council will start to offer training courses to both external and internal company auditors who were trained prior to 2010 to ensure that your company continues to be eligible for a WSBC COR rebate in 2012.

The Council is presently working with WSBC to identify other courses and conferences that meet the intent of the auditor refresher/requalification training and satisfy this requirement. Once this process is complete, the Council will provide you with a list of courses and conferences that will satisfy WSBC’s training requirements.

To be eligible for WSBC COR rebates in 2012, internal and external auditors who were trained prior to 2010 will need to satisfy this training requirement prior to December 31, 2012.

This training requirement applies only to WSBC COR Rebates and does not impact your SAFE Companies Certification.

We will provide you with further information on course availability and options in September.


Rob Moonen
Director, SAFE Companies


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