Mechanical Harvesting

Vancouver Island
Date of Incident / Close Call: 
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Details of Incident / Close Call: 

A haulback line was sawn into the up-hill side of a stump, creating a bight in the line (a siwash). To clear the siwash, a hooktender started to buck the stump from the uphill side of the stump, outside the bight. He then stepped below the stump and started cutting the stump on the downhill side, inside the bight. As he cut through the stump, the energy in the siwashed haulback line released. This energy created a slingshot-like motion that carried the stump and the hooktender over a steep bank. The hooktender was fatally crushed when the flying stump landed on him.

Learnings and Suggestions: 
  • Never work in the bight of any yarding line.
  • Ensure that, after any road change, all yarding lines are clear, before the rigging crew starts yarding logs.
  • Supervisors, review with all yarding crews the safe method of preventing and removing any siwashed lines; also provide workers with written jobsafety procedures.


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