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Northern Interior
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A logging cable-yarder engineer was killed when two guylines failed, allowing a yarder tower to topple on him. The engineer, using a remote control operating console, was standing only 10 ft. (3 m) uphill of the yarder when the accident happened. The yarder was secured by three cable guylines attached to anchor stumps. As logs were being yarded in, two of the three anchor stumps failed. The holding wood, above the notching on one stump, was completely stripped off, allowing the guyline cable to pull free from the stump. Another anchor stump pulled out of the ground and overturned, allowing the second guyline to fly free. The anchor stumps were not properly positioned, causing the load to be unequally distributed.

Learnings and Suggestions: 
  • Ensure that all workers receive adequate instruction in the safe performance of their duties.
  • Select anchor stumps that are about equal distance from the yarder, so that they provide equal load distribution.
  • Use adequate anchor stumps with proper notching and a type of guyline that will ensure a maximum bight on the stump.
  • Ensure that all workers work in an area that is beyond the reach of the yarding tower.


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