Mechanical Harvesting

Vancouver Island
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Details of Incident / Close Call: 

A hooktender died from his injuries following an accident involving the practice of blind casting. The grapple-yarder operator and the hooktender were cleaning up a road that had been previously logged. The yarder operator could not see the hooktender, as the yarder was located on a landing 100 metres (330 ft.) above the logged area. The crew was rigging with a grapple that the hooktender guided into place with his radio. After using a number of blind casts to retrieve logs the hooktender misjudged one of the casts.

As a result, the grapple struck the hooktender before he could clear the area. He later died from
multiple injuries.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

Prohibit blind casting when hooktender is out of the yarding operator’s sight.

Provide written safe work procedures to all workers and review each job safety breakdown on a regular basis.

Use chokers to reach wood that is located away from the road line.

If necessary, walk the machine back into lead for yarding wood or clean-up.

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