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Earlier this year, as has happened before, a Faller was fatally injured by ‘blowdown’ timber attached to a root wad. In the bucking process, the root wad was jarred loose from the adjacent sloping rock face on which it was poorly secured.

In this situation, a thorough risk assessment was not done on the potential for the root wad to detach from the ground or a rock face, nor was there an adequate ‘escape route’ for the faller in the event that the root wad end did indeed break loose and pivot.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

The first step is to Recognize the Risk of instability of any timber attached to rock or other structures by Root Wads that can be easily disturbed by activity in the area.

Secondly, if an effective ‘Escape Route’ is not available, options other than falling or bucking the timber must be utilized. Other options include removing the ‘blowdown’ by 1) blasting or 2) use of a heli-grapple, or simply avoiding the hazard by 3) leaving the standing timber or ‘blowdown’.

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