Manual harvesting/bucking

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Long Shot Holdings Ltd.
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

Due to road builders falling the right of way into the standing timber, an entangled mess of trees was left standing at the north end of the block. A faller was sent in to clear out the mess. The faller attempted to straighten the mess and in doing so a tree slid down another; which had been left fallen down through the standing timber. This caused the ground that the faller was working around to become unstable.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

A loader could not knock the trees down because of the steepness of the right of way. It was decided to drag the trees over with the lines of the grapple yarder. It was noted that this was a high hazard incident and the outcome could have been worse than it was. All employees were reminded that everyone has the right to refuse unsafe work.

INVESTIGATION: It was shown that the road builders had fallen the right of way trees into the standing timber. This made it hard for a loader to knock them down as the slope was to steep on the right of way. The faller attempted to fall the trees and after the way the first tree came down the faller refused to attempt the others. The faller did the right thing.

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Laura Olynyk

Long Shot Holdings

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